Financial Literacy

Award-winning, impactful, and focused on all ages

The Maine Credit Union League and Maine credit unions have a long history of providing financial education. Whether it’s helping people during difficult times or introducing Financial Fitness Fairs to Maine students, people of all ages benefit from the resources, expertise, and knowledge offered by Maine credit unions. After all, consumers of all ages who know more about financial education are more likely to be successful. There are a variety of ways that Maine credit unions can help.

By the numbers…

  • During the 2019/20 school year, more than 4,000 students became fiscally fit after participating in a Maine Credit Unions’ Financial Fitness Fair.
  • In 2019/20, Maine credit unions reached over 10,000 Maine students from K-12 through various financial education efforts.
  • The Maine Credit Union League is a seventeen-time winner of the national Desjardins Award for Youth Financial Education.
  • Maine credit unions have a dedicated Financial Education Outreach Coordinator to help Mainers with financial issues, challenges, and opportunities.