Curriculum Programs

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Certified Teller Specialist

There are countless issues that a teller can encounter in a day, and this is the training to help them face any challenge with ease – with consistent updates based on CU feedback to keep things fresh. You can also make the training fit your needs by either completing all three parts to receive your Certified Teller Specialist Certification, or by completing Parts One and Two and choosing an elective. The experience is capped off with a Certified Teller graduation celebration!

The Certified Teller Specialist series includes:

  • Part One – Teller Basics
  • Part Two – Service and Sales
  • Part Three – More in-depth topics
  • Graduation

Credit Union Professional

Credit union professionals are not only individuals that effectively execute processes in the credit union but also effectively interact and lead others. Your achievements and growth in the credit union industry rely on these talents. The CU Professional program provides you the necessary skills through discussion and instruction relating to your communication styles, the importance of teamwork, conflict mitigation and professional image. Successful completion of the series will give you the skills to maximize your interactions with others, reach your potential and present your best professional image each day.

The Credit Union Professional courses cover the following topics:

  • The Business Professional 1
  • The Business Professional 2
  • Communication 101
  • Communication 102
  • Developing Presentation Skills

Supervisor University

Gain the confidence, management skills and knowledge you need to achieve success for yourself and your team. This program focuses on effective leadership traits, emotional intelligence, coaching employees, dealing with difficult situations, management techniques and more. As a current or aspiring supervisor, you will learn how your natural skills and attributes can be applied to become a successful supervisor. Completion of all five courses will earn the Supervisor University certification.

Supervisor University series courses:

  • Managing Employees 101
  • Managing Employees 102
  • Learning the Science Behind Relationships
  • Coaching for Success
  • Change Management