It pays to prepare for the worst. RecoveryPro can help!

Disruption or loss of access to core business functions can have severe consequences for credit unions and their members. Business continuity planning does not question the odds of a disruption happening, but looks at the impact these disruptions may cause, then makes plans and preparations accordingly.

RecoveryPro guides credit unions through the creation, maintenance, and testing of robust business continuity plans (BCPs). Templates and sample content lead the credit union through the collection and presentation of data, and a full content management system provides a secure online platform for management and staff to access the BCP for review and testing, or in the event of a disaster or work stoppage event.

The content in RecoveryPro is based on FFIEC guidance. It was developed with the help of a 20+ year Business Continuity veteran and has been fully vetted with multiple State and NCUA auditors.

Credit unions will be able to easily navigate the system, which utilizes technology similar to CU PolicyPro. The CU Solutions Group staff is available to assist with technical support, questions related to content, or general best practices and tips for developing and managing the credit union’s BCP.

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