Ending Hunger Donation Pages

In the hopes that we can help increase fundraising activity, we have set up individual donation pages on the Campaign for Ending Hunger website for each credit union in Maine. This will let you send your members, employees, and vendors to a link unique to your credit union, where they will not have to select your credit union from a dropdown list. 100% of any funds donated through your page will be credited to your credit union so you can determine how they should be distributed.

The intention is to make this your page for you to use for your fundraising, so we want to be sure it reflects your credit union and says what you want. Here is a list of what we can customize for your unique Ending Hunger donation page:

  1. Your url extension.
  2. Who receives confirmation when a donation is made.
  3. Your logo.
  4. Text changes in the body or upper blue box. We can change the text anything you would like, but please know the upper left box has limited space. It currently says “Ending Hunger Campaign,” but we could change it to Help Us End Hunger in Maine” – which is about as long as you can get – or some other short phrase. Look at the other pages on the site to get a sense as to how long the text can be.
  5. Header photo. Please note that his is tricky, as the photo has to be exactly 1280 pixels by 352 pixels. If you would like to send us a replacement photo with those dimensions, we can see if it will work. Here’s the current one: https://campaignforendinghunger.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/EH-website-Donate-mockup-_02.jpg. Anything you send would have to match that image’s size exactly.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Charron at ocharron@synergentcorp.com.

Ending Hunger Personal Graphics

If you would like customized graphics for social media, click here. These can be personalized by adding your logo to the white/ blank area in the graphic.