Take Advantage of Being a Part of the Maine Credit Union Marketing Council

The start of the new year is an incredibly busy time, especially for credit union marketers. Fortunately, there’s still an opportunity for your credit union to join the Maine Credit Union Marketing Council. Sign up today to ensure your marketing and PR teams receive the unique benefits the Council has to offer throughout the year.

“I’m very excited about the professional development opportunities and networking we have in the works this year for the Council,” shared Mike Rosmus, Creative Marketing Manager at the Maine Credit Union League. “Our industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, which is why the Council provides so much value to credit union marketers. It helps keep a pulse on trends, products, and approaches that can help credit unions market their services more efficiently to their current members and future members. Plus, it’s rewarding to collaborate with your peers and learn from their successes.”

To join the Marketing Council, credit unions must submit a 2023 Council dues form by January 27 to Mike Rosmus, Creative Marketing Manager, at mrosmus@mainecul.org. Participating credit unions pay annual dues of $125 to cover speaker fees and may send as many staff members as they would like to workshops held throughout the year.

The Council’s first virtual workshop is taking place on February 8, 2023, from 12:00 – 1:00 pm, featuring Hilary Reed, CEO of EmpowerFi™.  She will facilitate a discussion that will help credit unions successfully market to Gen Z. There is no cost to attend, however, your credit union must be a current member of the Marketing Council to participate.