Turnkey Educational Brochures Available for Credit Union Use

Providing financial education resources to members has always been a top priority for Maine’s credit union system, and now it is easier than ever! Our League has created multiple ready-to-use brochures on a range of financial topics geared towards helping your credit union uplift your members.  

We encourage your credit union to take advantage of these resources when engaging with your membership and communities. Whether you opt to offer them directly to members, display them in your branch lobbies, share them at community events, or hand them out during exhibitor opportunities, this valuable information can assist you in providing key resources and tips to improve your members’ financial well-being—a goal we all strive to achieve daily. 

There are currently five financial education brochures, with more to come! The five topics covered include: 

  • How to Avoid Scams 
  • How to Improve Credit 
  • The Benefits of Checking and Savings Accounts 
  • What is Credit 
  • What to Remove from Your Wallet 

We also know that many within Maine’s population—including New Mainers—speak a variety of languages and may prefer to absorb this information in a more familiar way. In addition to English, credit unions will find these brochures offered in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Somali, and Spanish.  

Should your credit union decide to utilize these handy brochures and need printing services, please reach out to Synergent’s Marketing Services team by email for assistance at MarketingSupport@synergentcorp.com