What to Know About the Credit Union Chapter Restructure

A credit union chapter consists of credit unions brought together to cooperate and collaborate in their geographical regions. The chapter system serves as a valuable resource to credit unions for training, networking, and community service. Having engaged, involved, and active chapters is an important part of the strong and vibrant collaboration that makes Maine’s credit union network strong.

Maine’s credit union chapters have remained largely unchanged despite how much the industry has evolved. When chapters were formed, there were over 200 unique credit unions in the state. Today, there are 51, which includes two associate members.

The new chapter restructure simply enhances what already is in place today—future-proofing the chapter system and promoting better engagement among credit unions.

Mission of Chapters Remains Unchanged

Credit union chapters will continue to facilitate learning, networking, and collaboration among member credit unions at the local level as an extension of the Maine Credit Union League. Promoting advocacy, community outreach, financial literacy, education, and information are some of the many ways chapters will strengthen the regions where they operate.

New Enhanced Structure Will Foster Greater Engagement & Collaboration

Chapters will continue to be based on the current eight regional groups. Membership in chapters will now be open to all credit unions that have a branch in an existing chapter’s geographic region. This means a credit union employee or volunteer can participate in chapter events that may be closer to their “branch home” if they choose. Given that convenience is everything these days, the new chapter structure will boost engagement at the local level while also strengthening collaboration among Maine credit unions.

Under the new structure, a chapter will be required to have a minimum of three unique credit unions to remain its own distinct chapter. If the number of unique credit unions with branches in a chapter is reduced to two, the chapter must merge with another chapter within two years of falling below the threshold.

All credit unions with branches in a chapter will be eligible to have staff or volunteers serve as an officer, but a credit union cannot hold officer positions in more than two chapters.

In large part, the foundation of Maine’s credit union chapters will be unchanged. There will still be Alex Ferguson, Aroostook, Bangor, Jeannette G. Morin, Kennebec Valley, Norm Nolette, Northern Penobscot, and York Chapters. However, non-headquartered credit unions now will be able to participate in chapter events locally, if they so choose. This simply enhances what is already in place.

To view the number of new branches now eligible to be members of a given chapter, please review the chapter eligibility list.


If your chapter or credit union has any questions regarding the new chapter structure, please email Jake Holmes at jholmes@mainecul.org.