The 2022 Campaign Season Is In Full Swing Following Tuesday’s Primaries

Voters took to the polls on Tuesday to determine which candidates will be on the ballot this November.

Both Governor Janet Mills and former Governor Paul LePage were uncontested and easily secured their party’s nominations. This will be the first time since 1990 that two Governors have faced each other.

Congresswoman Pingree and Congressman Golden were also unopposed in securing the Democratic nominations for District 1 and District 2 respectfully. Former Congressman Bruce Poliquin won the Republican nomination for District 2, setting up a 2018 rematch between he and Congressman Golden. Former Navy Seal Ed Thelander secured the Republican nomination for District 1.

While the legislative field is largely set for the November election, there will be some adjustments made to the final match ups over the course of the next six weeks. Some nominated candidates will likely withdraw from the race, allowing their local party to use the caucus process to nominate replacement candidates. Shortly before August, that process will be complete and the legislative slate of candidates will be finalized.

Tuesday’s primary marks the start of the campaign season for the League. In the coming weeks, staff will begin reviewing the candidates and issuing them the League’s candidate survey. In August, the League’s Governmental Affairs Committee will meet to review candidate responses, their voting records, and make endorsement recommendations to the League’s Board. Those recommendations will likely be considered by the Board in September with public announcements of the endorsed candidates to follow soon after.

“Electing credit union friendly candidates is essential to continuing to advance the movement in Maine,” said Robert Caverly, League Vice President of Governmental Affairs. “We are fortunate that the League’s endorsement is so highly sought after by our local officials. Our endorsement policy and process is fair and thorough. It truly isn’t about the candidate’s political party, but rather their ability to demonstrate they know, understand, and live by the credit union philosophy. This approach is what has made the League’s endorsement so special and unique.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the endorsement process, or to share their thoughts regarding any of the races the League will consider, are encouraged to reach out to Caverly directly at