Soup Bowls for Ending Hunger

Throughout the year, Maine’s credit unions conduct a variety of activities to raise money in support of the Campaign for Ending Hunger.  If your credit union is looking for a fundraising idea, consider selling paper soup bowls at your branch.

“I know many of our credit unions enjoyed selling paper hearts at their credit unions as a way to engage members in their fundraising efforts,” said Jen Burke, Communications and Outreach Coordinator. “Our new soup bowls can be sold the same way.”

How It Works

Members can purchase a soup bowl at a price determined by each credit union to show their support for the Ending Hunger campaign.  The design, which aligns with the new campaign logo, provides space for members to list their name on the bowl.  The purchased bowls can then be displayed at each credit union’s branch.  In addition to raising money, the soup bowl fundraiser also is a great way to raise awareness about Maine’s credit unions’ efforts to combat hunger.

Ordering Your Soup Bowls

If you are interested in selling bowls at your credit union, contact Jen Burke at to make your request.  The soup bowls will be distributed in packages of 100 and will be available throughout the year.