Recognize Your Credit Union CEO with an Award Nomination Today

Throughout the nomination period for the League’s 2024 awards program, we will feature an award category to help credit unions identify individuals who are deserving of a special honor. There is no better way to demonstrate your appreciation for someone special at your credit union than by nominating them for a League award.

Credit union chief executive officers (CEOs) are the backbone of your credit union, offering support, guidance, and leadership for all staff and Board members to lean on. Maine is fortunate to have strong, caring, influential leaders at the helm of its credit unions—leaders who always have their staff, members, and communities at the forefront of their minds with every decision that comes their way. They constantly strive to be and provide the best to succeed as a credit union (and further, as a credit union movement).

You can recognize your credit union’s CEO by completing the form for the James M. Gratto Award on the League’s website. The nomination process is simple. Enter the information requested and upload a document that briefly describes how your CEO is an outstanding leader. You’ll also want to include credit union milestones and achievements that occurred during their tenure at your organization, significant contributions to the credit union movement (within your credit union, your chapter, or even on the state and/or national level), what makes them truly special, and anything else you’d like to add for supporting material(s). Nomination forms must be submitted to the League by March 17.

Beverly Knapp, CEO of Franklin-Somerset FCU and the 2023 recipient of the James M. Gratto Award.

In 2023, Beverly Knapp, CEO of Franklin-Somerset FCU, was recognized with this exceptional distinction. Knapp was nominated by the following staff from her credit union: Carol Robbins, Jennifer Soper, and Theodore Neil.

“I can honestly say that it was a great experience and such an incredible honor,” expressed Knapp. “The award itself goes above and beyond—just in its process. The nominators focus on what makes their candidate outstanding. The voters recognize those accomplishments. The recipient hears why their nominators believe in them and why the voters voted for them, and the realization is they are part of something much bigger than themselves. It’s very humbling and thrilling at the same time, continuing the circle of gratitude and support that is unique to credit unions. What could be better than that?”

The James M. Gratto Award will be presented on Friday, May 17 at the 86th Annual League Convention. For more information about the League’s Convention awards, please contact Jordan Inkley, League Conference and Event’s Manager, at