Paid Family Medical Leave Rulemaking Underway

This week, the League attended the second webinar in a series on Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) hosted by the Maine State Chamber. The prior webinar went over the history of PFML, its passage, and implementation in other states, while this week’s webinar focused on Maine’s program.  

The Legislature passed the PFML Act into law in 2023. The Maine Department of Labor (DOL) is currently engaging in rulemaking to determine the particulars of the state’s program. While there are still many details to work out prior to implementation—including what private programs may qualify under the state’s new requirements—the DOL is hoping to have draft rules published by the end of June. Rules will determine details such as what the definitions are for types of leave, and what documentation is needed to qualify for leave.  

Contributions to the program are scheduled to begin January 1, 2025. For employers with less than 15 employees, a 1% contribution will be made by the employee. For employers with greater than 15 employees, the 1% contribution will be equally split between employee and employer. Benefits are currently expected to start May 2026.  

We know credit unions may have questions regarding the rollout of this program. The League will continue to follow this topic closely and will provide updates as additional details are released. More information can be found on the Department of Labor’s website, including the full presentation, a portion of which was presented in this week’s webinar.