OTIS FCU Returns 7% Bonus Dividend and Interest Refund to Membership

From left to right: to R: Chris Bouchard, President/CEO, and Darice Roy, CCUE, Vice President, at OTIS FCU.

OTIS FCU is pleased to announce the return of a 7% Bonus Dividend and Interest Refund on January 1, 2024, representing a total of $566,112.94 given back to members for the year 2023. Over the past nineteen years, OTIS FCU has returned over $6.9 million to both its savers and borrowers, rewarding members in proportion to their economic participation in the credit union.

“2023 was another financially strong year for OTIS FCU,” stated Chris Bouchard, President/CEO at OTIS FCU. “We are pleased that we were able to return over half a million dollars to our members.”

OTIS FCU’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Kimberly Couture, also commented, “The response from our membership is overwhelming, and comments regarding the posting of our Bonus Dividend and Interest Refund have always been extremely positive. Our members seem to truly appreciate this additional benefit to banking with us.”

“At OTIS, we believe that when we do well, our members should do well,” added Bouchard. “As we enter this new year, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our members for their loyalty and for continuing to choose OTIS as their trusted financial institution. You are the reason for our success!”