Maine State CU’s Roland Maheux Receives 2023 League President’s Award

Congratulations, Roland Maheux, Board Director for Maine State CU, for being selected as this year’s recipient of the President’s Award. This award, selected by League President/CEO Todd Mason, honors the League’s volunteer of the year.

Maheux has a rich history engaging on behalf of Maine’s credit union movement. Having worked for several credit unions, he understands and carries out the People Helping People philosophy. Maheux had a long career at Maine State CU as its Chief Financial Officer and now is a very active member of the Board. He serves as Chairman of the credit union’s Audit Committee.

As shared by his colleagues at Maine State CU, “Roland’s leadership style is unassuming and kind. His intelligence is never mistaken for arrogance and he’s always willing to help. He is quick to give credit and take the blame. Roland can often be found wandering the credit union, chatting with employees, and recognizing them for strong member service. He is quick to share a tale or two of his time working at the credit union. He knows that the industry has changed since he retired and enjoys learning from our team as well as offering his historical perspective.”

Maheux is a trusted advisor and friend to both the League and his colleagues at Maine State CU. In his own remarks about why he selected Maheux for this honor, Mason noted, “I personally appreciate Roland’s involvement with our advocacy efforts, his guidance, and his insights. He is humble, he is welcoming, and he is smart. Roland’s stories and anecdotes almost always carry a lesson and they are entertaining! He knows how to talk and how to have fun. Roland is dedicated to providing a strong financial future, not only for Maine State CU, but for all credit unions as well.”

Congratulations, Roland, and thank you for your ongoing volunteerism and commitment to making Maine’s credit union movement strong!