League Committee Sign Up Reminder

You have a chance to participate in one of the League’s committees and work alongside other credit union professionals. League committees provide their members an opportunity to engage with their peers and serve the credit union industry across our state. If you are interested in participating (or continuing to participate) on a committee, please express your desire to serve by completing this online form by August 15. For more information on the League’s nine committees, please visit our website.

The following committees for 2023-2024 will be appointed by the respective Committee Chairs:

  • Audit & Finance – Christine Devine, Chair
  • Awards & Convention – Julie Marquis, Chair
  • Chapter – John Doe, Chair
  • Compliance – Basil Closson, Chair
  • Education – Mark Samson, Chair
  • Governmental Affairs – Joann Bisson, Chair
  • Statewide Awareness – Scott Chretien, Chair
  • Social Responsibility – Luke Labbe, Chair
  • Technology Services – Jason Lindstrom, Chair

We ask that you only volunteer for one committee unless one of the committees you wish to serve on is the Technology Committee. There also is an exception for chapter officers who would like to serve on the Chapter Committee and one other. For these exceptions, please complete the survey twice.

Before completing the survey, be sure to discuss committee involvement with your manager and/or CEO. We also request that only one person per credit union is involved per committee (however, the Committee Chair and a committee member may represent the same credit union). If you plan to volunteer for the same committee that you most recently served on, you must still complete the survey.

If you have questions concerning the committee sign-up process, please contact Kelley Souza at ksouza@mainecul.org.