League Awards Spotlight: Diane L. Oceretko People Helping People Award

Throughout the nomination period for the League’s 2024 awards program, we will feature an award category to help credit unions identify individuals who are deserving of a special honor. There is no better way to demonstrate your appreciation for someone special at your credit union than by nominating them for a League award. 

People Helping People is at the very core of what we do—of what our movement is. This philosophy is the foundation of the work done at and by credit unions, where people always come first. Our League knows Maine’s credit unions keep busy, constantly engaging with their communities in one way or another. When you consider everything your credit union does for those you serve—from fundraisers to random acts of kindness (and everything in between)—does someone stand out as a leader at your credit union? If you know of someone who exemplifies the People Helping People philosophy, we encourage you to recognize them with a nomination for the Diane L. Oceretko People Helping People Award. 

To nominate an outstanding person within your credit union who represents People Helping People in all they do, submit your nomination through the Diane L. Oceretko Award form on the League’s website. With your nomination, please include all volunteer and community service organizations the individual is involved with as well as the approximate years of service, why you feel they are deserving of the award, and any additional materials and/or information to support your nomination. 

In 2023, Erin Dunn-Kimball, Marketing Specialist at Community CU, was honored with the award. She was nominated by Betsy Sibley, Chief Marketing Officer, because of the dedication, drive, and heart she had for serving and supporting the community around her. She led many community-based efforts and always gave it her all.  

“It was incredibly humbling to stand before a room of elite credit union ‘movers and shakers’ from across our state to nervously accept the People Helping People Award in memory of Diane L. Oceretko,” shared Dunn-Kimball. “I did not have an opportunity to meet Diane, but I proudly carry Diane’s light and memory forward and reflect of this special day whenever I glance up at this beautiful award presented by the Maine Credit Union League at the 2023 Convention; an experience I will never forget. I am grateful for the kindness others have extended to me in times of need and hope that I leave the same feeling and impact to those in their times of need as well. Thank you for this great honor.” 

In regards to nominating Dunn-Kimball for the award last year, Sibley expressed: 

“I feel strongly that People Helping People is the backbone of the credit union movement. When nominating someone like Erin who embodies this in every aspect of her life coupled with spotlighting some of her many contributions to the impact happening in the communities we serve and lifting that up in front her peers across the industry was very rewarding to be part of.” 

The deadline for submitting a nomination for the Diane L. Oceretko People Helping People Award is March 17. The winner will be announced at the 86th Annual Convention, now referred to as Elevate 2024, in May. For more information about the League’s awards program, please contact Jordan Inkley, League Conference and Event’s Manager, at jinkley@mainecul.org.