League Announces Endorsements for Candidates Running for the State Legislature

At a special meeting of the League’s Board of Directors on September 7, the Board voted unanimously to accept the proposed recommendations of the Governmental Affairs Committee to endorse 91 candidates running for the state legislature. Committee Chairwoman Joann Bisson, League President & CEO Todd Mason, and League Vice President of Advocacy & Outreach Robert Caverly presented these recommendations to the Board and briefly outlined the criteria the committee considered when making their decisions.  

While the League is only making endorsements in 91 races, 186 seats are up for election—151 in the Maine House and 35 in the Maine Senate. The partisan makeup of the 67 candidates endorsed by the League in the Maine House include: 

  • 37 Democrats
  • 29 Republicans 
  • 1 Independent  

The partisan makeup of the 24 candidates endorsed in the Maine Senate are: 

  • 12 Democrats 
  • 12 Republicans 

“I’d like to thank the Governmental Affairs Committee and the Board of Directors for their careful consideration of this year’s roster of candidates,” said Robert Caverly, Vice President of Advocacy & Outreach. “Our political involvement in these races is critical in moving our credit union policy agenda forward when the new Legislature begins their work in January. The candidates receiving the League’s endorsement represent both our credit union values and share an appreciation for our People Helping People philosophy. It is deeply important to have these types of credit union allies in Augusta.” 

To see a complete list of the state legislative candidates endorsed by the League, please click here 

An announcement will be made soon concerning the League’s congressional endorsements, as well as our endorsement in the Governor’s race. The League also will be sharing important Get Out the Vote information that can be distributed to your staff and members. 

Maine’s General Election will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. For those who are interested in voting absentee, you may now request an absentee ballot by going to the Maine Secretary of State’s website.