Katahdin FCU Establishes Endowment to Support Cancer Care in Memory of Herbert Clark

(From Millinocket Regional Hospital) – Katahdin FCU and Legacy Medical Foundation (LMF) have partnered to honor the legacy of Herbie Clark, a longtime Katahdin FCU board member and Millinocket Regional Hospital (MRH) trustee.

Katahdin Federal Credit Union President, Tina Jamo, and Board Chair, Rod Daigle, recently presented a check to the LMF to establish it’s first endowment, the Herbert E. Clark Memorial Endowment Fund. Members of Clark’s family were in attendance as well as board members from the hospital, foundation, and credit union.

The endowment, which will use the investment income generated by this and future donations made in Clark’s memory, will provide ongoing support for MRH Cancer Care patients in perpetuity.

“Herbie meant a lot to the hospital, the credit union, and the community, and we’re honored to be able to do this in his memory,” said Tina Jamo, President of Katahdin FCU. “The hospital always held a special place in his heart—and now he is forever a part of it. “

Herbie’s widow, Ellen, thanked the credit union for honoring her husband’s memory and for the “awesome gift to Oncology.”

Clark was remembered by Bob Peterson, CEO of MRH, as a “trusted member of the MRH Board of Trustees” and “a steady voice of reason who was always looking for ways to better serve the community.”

Mellissa McAvoy, CFO of MRH, recalled that Clark was “the voice of the people” and a strong advocate for patients and employees alike.

Clark spent much of his life proudly serving the community and its people. After his 40+ year career at Great Northern Paper Company, he served twelve terms in the Maine House of Representatives and was a member of the Millinocket Town Council. Clark was involved in a multitude of local non-profits and was constantly finding new and different ways to make a difference in his community. He also provided the greatest service to his community and country as a veteran of Vietnam.

“I know my father would be very proud because it was his life dream to help his community and help the people who helped him throughout his entire life,” shared his son, Joe Clark. “This is just one part of him giving back to people who helped him through the years. With oncology being here at MRH, it helps a lot of people in our Katahdin area so they don’t have to travel to places outside of town that may be hardships for them. This money will go a long way to help them.”

Clark thanked the hospital, its employees, the credit union, the foundation, and all involved with honoring his father before wrapping up with some sentiments that embodied Herbie’s legacy.

“It all starts with community and friends and family. If it wasn’t for them, then we wouldn’t be here today,” said Clark.

Individuals and friends of Herbie who would like to honor his legacy by making a gift to the endowment can do so at any time.

Contributions can be sent to:

Legacy Medical Foundation
200 Somerset Street
Millinocket ME 04462.

For additional information, you can visit the foundation office at White Birch Medical Center, 899 Central Street in Millinocket, call (207) 723-7419, or email Michael Crowley at mcrowley@mrhme.org.