January Updates From Augusta

Governor Janet Mills was sworn into office for a second term on Wednesday at a ceremony in Augusta. The League was proud to endorse her and support her campaign. In her inaugural address, she spoke of the need for hope and the perspective of a “telescope of history” as the legislature works to address crises facing Mainers today. As part of that effort, the legislature passed the winter energy relief bill, which will send $450 checks to Maine residents to assist with the high cost of heating oil.

The League was in attendance for the cocktail reception at the Blaine House and the Inaugural Gala on Thursday evening, where League President/CEO Todd Mason was able to personally congratulate the Governor on her win.

Legislative committees will begin meeting next week, as will the League’s legislative meet and greets. With various meet and greets being held across the state, the League looks forward to introducing credit unions to their local elected officials. For a list of meeting dates and to register, please visit the League’s website. If you have questions about any of the upcoming legislative meet and greets, please email Krista Simonis, Director of Government Affairs, at ksimonis@mainecul.org.