Internship Opportunities with the University of Southern Maine

Is your credit union interested in hosting a student intern? If you would like to work with a student intern, the University of Southern Maine (USM)’s Career & Employment Hub is eager to help your credit union create opportunities for USM students. In addition to providing valuable internship resources on its website, the university can work with you one-on-one to develop an offering that meets your credit union’s needs.

USM students look for internships, both in-person and remote, throughout the year. While many of the university’s students reside in southern Maine during the academic year, summer can provide an opportunity for students to work in their local communities while they are home on break.

If you would like to speak to a representative at USM about internships, please contact Alex Carrier Hitchcox, Employer Relationship Manager at the USM Career & Employment Hub, via email at The university also enables businesses to post job and internship opportunities for free on its USM Job & Internship Board.

While on USM’s website, you can hear Jen Burke, USM Class of ’99 and League Public Affairs & Communications Manager, on the Career Hub’s new Hired Huskies podcast.