Global Women’s Leadership Event Scheduled for December in Auburn

Join the Global Women’s Leadership Network’s Maine Sister Society for a full-day event on December 11 at the Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch. Attendees will be inspired by facilitators Melissa Churchard Hannon and Elizabeth Rider, as they discuss career growth, strategic thinking, and balancing demands both in and out of work. The day will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 4:oo pm.

The fee to attend is $65 per person; $50 per person for credit union representatives under $50 million in assets. To register, please visit the League’s website.

About the Sessions

Navigating Leadership and Career Growth as a Woman | Facilitated by Melissa Churchard Hannon

Too often, women wait for their work and accomplishments to be noticed instead of sharing them openly when it matters. Additionally, it’s well documented that women often receive vague feedback. The combination of these two things can have a huge impact on your career. Learn to tackle them both and set yourself up for success! In this module participants will:

  • Learn how vague feedback is stalling women’s careers and how to get the feedback you want and need to propel your career forward
  • Understand how and when to share your accomplishments and why they matter for your promotion

You will learn how to be actively involved in your own leadership development, get the support you need to position yourself for promotion, and understand what is within your control as you advance in your career.

How to Be a Strategic Thinker | Facilitated by Elizabeth Rider

As a leader, it’s easy to get trapped in the day-to-day. You find yourself spending your days addressing the urgent rather than focusing on the important. However, true leaders are strategic thinkers. They work on the business, not just in it. This kind of strategic thinking doesn’t happen overnight. It takes discipline and hard work—a true mindset shift.

This session will help leaders:

  • Learn what strategy is and what it is not
  • Connect strategy to operations
  • Discern between trends and fads
  • Develop a lasting strategic mindset
  • Teach your team to think strategically
  • Identify roadblocks to a strategy-driven life, both inside and outside of work, and learn how to get over these common hurdles