Five County CU Strongly Supports Maine’s Ag Industry

Maine has been at the forefront of confronting the difficulties for farmers created by PFAS contamination. The state’s response has come from government departments, agricultural service providers, non-profits, and select lenders. Through its Maine Harvest Solutions Program, Five County CU has actively participated in the response as well, collaborating with stakeholders and helping farmers and producers understand the problem from a lender’s perspective. The credit union also is providing assistance to impacted farms.

In addition, Five County CU served as a key sponsor of the Symposium for PFAS Research & Current Topics at Michigan State University. The Symposium took place last weekend and brought together top PFAS researchers from across the country. Next month, the credit union will be sponsoring and attending a regional PFAS meeting at Colby College.

With its deep commitment to Maine’s agriculture industry, Five County CU is playing an important role in supporting the state’s food economy.