Dirigo FCU’s 68th Annual Meeting: A Celebration of Community and Education

Mark Samson, CEO at Dirigo FCU, presents a check to one of the credit union’s scholarship recipients at its 68th Annual Meeting.

Dirigo FCU recently held its 68th Annual Meeting. The event served not only as a platform to discuss financial matters but also to celebrate the core values that drive the credit union’s mission.

At the heart of Dirigo FCU lies a profound dedication to education. This commitment was highlighted during the Annual Meeting as Dirigo FCU announced its continued support for its two scholarship programs.

The first program, the Dirigo FCU Scholarship, is designed to assist high school students as they pursue higher education. By providing financial support, Dirigo FCU aims to alleviate the burden of tuition costs and empower young scholars to achieve their academic dreams. Additionally, the Pauline Caouette-Moore College Scholarship extends support to current college students.

Through its $14,000 investment in its scholarship programs, the credit union proudly awarded fourteen scholarships worth $1,000 each. This contribution reflects the credit union’s belief in the transformative power of education and its dedication to nurturing the talents and aspirations of local youth.

During the Annual Meeting, Dirigo FCU had the privilege of celebrating the remarkable achievements of some of the recipients of these scholarships. As the credit union looks to the future, it will remain steadfast in its commitment to serving its members and the community at large through impactful programs like this.