CULAC Fundraising and Advocacy Celebrated at Elevate 2024

Evergreen CU CEO Jason Lindstrom with his award.

If you attended Elevate 2024, you may have seen or participated in fundraising efforts to support the State Political Action Committee (PAC). The Governmental Affairs team held a silent auction and a sweepstakes to raise funds. Prizes in the sweepstakes included a BioFuel FirePit, handmade ceramic mugs created by a local artist, and Giant Jenga. Together, these activities raised more than $4,000 for the State PAC—a record for our convention. The team also hosted a ‘Pac the Pub’ event on Friday evening to thank those who donated to CULAC in 2023. 

“I genuinely enjoy getting the chance to interact with our credit unions and fundraise like this,” said Krista Simonis, League Director of Governmental Affairs. “It’s such a fantastic way to raise awareness of our PAC’s mission and meet everyone.” 

This was the first year the League coordinated a PAC the Pub event.

“We really wanted the chance to thank our past contributors,” shared Ellen Parent, League Director of Compliance. “It was great to see everyone and connect and we look forward to expanding the event next year.”

If you were unable to attend Elevate 2024, but would like to make a contribution to the State PAC, you can donate on the League’s website. If you’re interested in learning more about the PAC, please contact Krista Simonis at to arrange a presentation at your credit union.  

“Fundraising for the State PAC is so important,” said Robert Caverly, League Vice President of Advocacy & Outreach. “Payroll deductions and our annual ask at the GAC go toward the Federal PAC, which is why it is one of the strongest association PACs in the nation, but it’s crucial we have funds to support credit union-friendly candidates here at home. We had donations for the silent auction from credit unions of all sizes and having that support is so important. We really stand together as a movement.”

In addition to these fundraising efforts, the League honored advocacy engagement during Elevate’s Awards Ceremony. Top credit union PAC contributors—Evergreen CU and Sebasticook Valley FCU—were recognized. Jen Hogan, CEO at Community CU, received the Political Involvement Award, and Jason Lindstrom, CEO at Evergreen CU, received the Top CULAC Contributor Award.

Community CU CEO Jen Hogan with her award.