BiteSized BankSafe Tool Now Available to Credit Unions

On June 4, Jilenne Gunther, the National Director of AARP’s BankSafe Initiative, joined the League at a Town Hall to discuss her organization’s innovative program to help frontline staff better recognize the signs of financial exploitation. This week, AARP announced an abbreviated version of the program to help financial institutions refresh employee knowledge and keep effective intervention strategies top-of-mind in between annual training sessions.

The condensed version of the program contains plug-and-play content such as videos, tip sheets, social media content, and more. Please click here to access the BiteSized BankSafe tool.

BankSafe is a free, game-changing intervention platform focused on financial-exploitation prevention for frontline employees at credit unions, banks, investment firms, retailers, and other providers of financial products and services. The initiative focuses on four key areas:

  • Preventing financial exploitation
  • Empowering family caregivers
  • Helping those with dementia
  • Making banking tools and environments easier to access

As part of the BankSafe program, credit unions can apply to have AARP verify that at least 80% of their frontline staff successfully passed the BankSafe training and confirm that they have a financial-exploitation escalation reporting policy. Qualifying credit unions in good standing can apply to receive a seal from AARP, good for one year, recognizing their commitment to fighting exploitation. To sign up for BankSafe, please visit AARP’s website.