A Message to Credit Unions from Todd Mason

Even though we all are adhering to social distancing recommendations, the credit union movement has truly come together during this pandemic. These are unprecedented, extraordinary times, yet the spirit of collaboration among credit unions and industry partners is stronger than ever. We all are on a mission to reassure our members and our communities that Maine’s financial services industry is strong, resilient, and well-prepared to weather the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. We also want to ensure our members and other consumers are educated about the many safe and reliable ways they can access their accounts.

Like we have done here in Maine, other Leagues are engaging with their banking colleagues to educate consumers in their states. Yesterday, the Cooperative Credit Union Association issued a joint statement with the Massachusetts Bankers Association to highlight how they are working together to meet the financial needs of Massachusetts residents. In the days ahead, I expect more state associations will follow. Putting our differences aside and partnering together in this way is simply the right thing to do.

Credit unions are not only working to help their members navigate this environment and the financial challenges that lie ahead for many families, they also are working to help each other. Our network has stepped up to lend one another support, share resources, and communicate best practices. I am not surprised by any of this. Our People Helping People philosophy guides everything we do—Credit Unions Helping Credit Unions is merely an extension of that principle.

From a League perspective, we will continue to provide our credit union network with resources and support. From calls, to emails, to website updates, we will continue communicating to ensure you have the tools you need. I also encourage you to contact the League if you have questions, or if you need additional support.  Our entire team is here to help, just as we always are!

In closing, I would like to thank you for everything you are doing to serve your members, as well as your employees. I know you all have taken great care to make sure everyone is safe and protected and your efforts are appreciated. Keep doing what you are doing!  We are all in this together and stronger because of it.