April is National Credit Union Youth Month

A traditional April includes the start of baseball season, the Boston Marathon, and the first true signs of spring. However, it is no secret that this April is anything but traditional. Due to these unprecedented times, baseball season has been delayed, the race has been postponed, and Maine’s schools have sent all students home. Despite these developments, there is something to be excited about. April is Credit Union Youth Month and National Financial Literacy Month, marking a perfect time for students to learn about personal finance. Because students are learning from home, it also is a great way for parents to get involved in financial education.

“If you’re a parent who cheers for the Boston Red Sox, it’s very likely that your child also will cheer for the Red Sox,” said Jake Holmes, the League’s Financial Literacy Outreach Coordinator. “The same concept applies to financial literacy. If you want your child to exhibit healthy financial habits, openly talking to your kids about how to spend and manage their money can help.”

For Parents:

Throughout the coming month, the League will be sharing helpful tips on talking to children about money. There has long been a stigma about discussing money—even among family. Many parents are simply unsure how to approach the conversation. To help parents break the taboo and assist them in educating their children on money matters, Maine Credit Unions will be offering tips, talking points, and more on its social media platforms and the Financial Literacy Blog. For younger children, Maine Credit Unions will be posting financial literacy-themed coloring pages that parents can print out at home.

For Credit Unions:

The League has developed two logos that credit unions can use to help promote Credit Union Youth Month. We also are encouraging credit unions to use the hashtag #MaineCUsYouthMonth when talking about this month on your social media platforms.

If your credit union would like to share the online Financial Fitness Fair with students in your community, please email Jake Holmes for your credit union’s unique access code.

Happy April and happy Credit Union Youth Month!