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Accurately Completing the CTR Line-By-Line

June 18 | 9:00 am - 10:30 am ET
CU Webinar Webinars - Live
Contact: Krista Simonis at

The CTR form contains 57 fields.

Some are straightforward, but some can be tricky – depending on the circumstances. This program will use scenarios to demonstrate proper completion, instill best practices, help you avoid common missteps, and provide a multitude of useful tools. Don’t let the complexities get you down. This highly detailed webinar is just the prescription for your CTR blues.
  • Understand the requirements for each field on the currency transaction report (CTR)
  • Properly complete CTRs for sole proprietorships, legal entities, and other account ownership types
  • Explain the importance of providing all the information your institution has on file
  • Distinguish when to select Shared Branching, Multiple Transactions, or Aggregate Transactions
  • Avoid common CTR reporting errors
  • Use the provided checklist to review your CTRs for accuracy

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