Penobscot County FCU Fully Migrates to The County FCU’s Core, Impacting Shared Branching

The County FCU is pleased to announce it has brought Penobscot County FCU members and The County FCU members together on one system following their recent merger.

On October 1, Penobscot County FCU’s membership migrated to The County FCU’s Episys® core operating system. This migration, however, has impacted Shared Branching for Penobscot County FCU members. The upgrade has resulted in the removal of Penobscot County FCU’s name from the Shared Branching search query. Credit unions trying to conduct Shared Branching transactions with these members will see an “Invalid Issuer” message and will be unable to process the transaction. To complete a Shared Branching transaction with the affected members, credit unions should use The County FCU name and the member’s new account information.

“Members may not always remember to designate The County FCU as their credit union, along with their new nine-digit account number,” said Jessica Ouellette, Training & Development Coordinator for The County FCU. “When a teller at an acquiring Shared Branch credit union pulls up the transaction screen, it will give them a search bar to look up the credit union by name. When searching for our credit union, tellers should use the words ‘The County’ in The County Federal Credit Union for a faster search.”

Members of the former Penobscot County FCU have been provided new nine-digit account numbers. The member’s new number is achieved by adding a one (1) and zeros (0) to their original account number until it becomes nine digits long (i.e. old account #1234 becomes new account #100001234).

“The account number used when performing the Shared Branching transaction must be the new nine-digit share account number,” added Ouellette. “We have begun a general awareness campaign to the membership about how the system upgrade affected Shared Branching, but it may take a little time to get the word out and for members to get used to the new requirements.”