New Member Moment Shines Light on Grandparent Scams

Maine Credit Unions created a new “Member Moment” video to raise awareness about grandparent scams. Grandparent scams are cons that prey on older relatives. This type of fraud may have some unique details, but the basic components are always the same. An individual emails, calls, or texts an older adult. The person claims to be a family member in need of urgent assistance, or someone representing that family member like a lawyer, doctor, or police officer. In all cases, payment is requested. These types of scams have surged during the pandemic and can be incredibly costly.

Formerly known as “Own It Moments,” “Member Moments” are short, informative videos that help members maximize the benefits of belonging to a credit union by offering insightful financial tips or highlighting products and services. Credit unions should feel free to share “Member Moment” videos on their social media feeds.