New Executive Order Tightens Face Mask Requirements; Limits Gatherings

Governor Mills signed a new Executive Order on November 4 requiring that face masks be worn, regardless of the ability to socially distance in all public settings. In addition, the indoor gathering limit has been returned to a maximum of 50 people for social, personal, and discretionary gatherings other than employment.

Previous orders required masks when individuals were not able to maintain a distance of six feet or more. Masks are now required in public settings, including, but not limited to indoor spaces such as retail stores, health care facilities, houses of worship, gymnasiums, and social clubs. Masks also are required in any outdoor settings where the public may gather including playgrounds, parking lots, sidewalks, and sports venues. In addition, masks are mandated in parts of private buildings that are accessible to the public including lobbies, waiting areas, and related hallways.

Credit unions should note that all facilities are now required to post plainly visible signs near entrances that state that face coverings are required. Operators of all businesses are permitted to deny service or entry for those who do not wear a mask.

The 50-person limit does not apply to those working in the facility, but members of the public who are visiting. Similarly, back offices and areas not generally accessible to the public are not included in this most recent executive order. Despite this, if the Commissioners of the Department of Economic and Community Development or the Department of Health and Human Services identify a risk of transmission, they may require masks in these areas.