Maine State CU Awards $100,000 in Scholarships

Maine State CU’s Normand R. Dubreuil Scholarship Fund at the Maine Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy awarded 64 scholarships totaling $100,000. Sixty-two students studying trades in the community college system and two attending Maine Maritime Academy received a financial award.

“Normand was a great believer in education and investing in the people of Maine,” said Tucker Cole, Chief Executive Officer at Maine State CU. “He would be proud knowing how many people we helped on his behalf.”

The Normand Dubreuil Scholarship Fund was created in 2020 by the credit union’s board of directors in memory of longtime CEO Normand R. Dubreuil. It is funded through annual donations by Maine State CU to the Maine Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy. The schools administer the fund and award the scholarships. Students who receive a scholarship do not need to be members of Maine State CU but they must meet certain requirements set by the schools.

“Normand was a man with a big heart,” said George Lapointe, Chairperson at Maine State CU. “He was always looking for ways to help people. I am glad we can honor him in this way.”

Since its start, Maine State CU has donated over $150,000 to this cause.