Maine Credit Unions Launch New Ad

As part of Maine Credit Unions’ Statewide Awareness Campaign, a new ad launched this week featuring Will Savage of Acorn Engineering. In the ad, Savage shares his business story and highlights the critical support he receives from his local credit union. He credits this assistance as part of his company’s success.

The ads will be aired on television in the Portland, Bangor, and Presque Isle markets and on digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

For questions concerning Maine Credit Unions’ Statewide Awareness Campaign, please contact Tim Brooks, League Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, at

Acorn Engineering Profile

Will Savage has always enjoyed being outside. As a child, he would spend time playing in puddles or constructing dams. For his career, he chose a profession that keeps him outdoors.

When Savage wanted to start his own business, he needed capital to get his company off the ground. With limited financial support, his vision to launch Acorn Engineering seemed implausible, until his credit union stepped in to help. His credit union was there for him when he needed it most, and thanks to their support, his dreams of owning a business became a reality.

For Acorn Engineering, the credit union has played a key role in helping them be the business they are today. Savage says his local credit union “has been a tremendous asset for me and for my company’s growth.” Acorn Engineering has been working with its local credit union for the past five years and plans to work with them in the future to help expand its business.

Thanks to the dedication and continuous support from a Maine credit union, a small business and family are thriving.