Maine Credit Unions Release New “Member Story” with Definitive Brewing Company

Maine Credit Unions are pleased to announce we have launched another “Member Story” featuring Michael Rankin, Founder and CEO of Definitive Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. Michael began his relationship with a Maine credit union while in college and continued to utilize their products and services throughout school and into his professional career.

In 2018, Michael pursued his dream of owning a company. He partnered with a local brewer to start Definitive Brewing Company and, with the help of his credit union, Michael secured a small business loan to purchase the location and equipment needed to get the brewery off the ground. Three years later, Definitive Brewing now has locations in Kittery and at Sunday River, a staff that has gone from six employees to over 50, and distribution that reaches across New England and into New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Florida.

This new “Real Member Story” is being shared on television and digitally on social media. Credit unions also are encouraged to share Michael’s video on their own social media channels. 60-second, 30-second, and 15-second videos have been created:

When creating these stories, our best recommendations come from our credit unions. If you have a member story that might be a good fit for our Statewide Awareness efforts, please email Mike Rosmus, League Creative Marketing Manager, at We also continue to encourage consumers to share their credit union story on the Maine Credit Unions website and by using the social media hashtag #mymainecustory.