League Announces Its Support for Senator Susan Collins’ Re-Election

The League is pleased to announce its endorsement of Senator Susan Collins for United States Senator. As a long-time credit union supporter and advocate, the League believes Senator Collins will continue working hard to ensure Maine’s credit unions have a voice at the policy table on Capitol Hill.

Senator Collins has a long history of welcoming credit union representatives to her offices in Maine and Washington, DC to discuss issues facing members. The Senator has provided leadership on many issues that credit unions care deeply about, including sponsoring and enacting into law Senior$afe legislation, which protects seniors against financial fraud and exploitation. Her work in creating the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has contributed to providing an essential tool to combat the difficult and challenging economic times of the COVID-19 pandemic. PPP has supported over 27,000 Maine small businesses and protected over 240,000 Maine jobs.

The League maintains a principle-based political endorsement policy. That policy guides the League’s Governmental Affairs Committee as they make endorsement recommendations to the League’s Board of Directors. The League believes that endorsements are an important component to its advocacy efforts. A candidate’s track record and stance for supporting credit union issues, along with their relationship with credit unions, are key components when considering endorsements.

The League does not consider party affiliation when making its endorsement decision and has a long history of endorsing candidates on both sides of the political aisle.