Lawmakers in Augusta Select Their Leaders

Republicans and Democrats in the state Senate and House have selected their legislative leaders for the 129th Maine Legislature.

The League would like to congratulate these members on their leadership appointments. We look forward to working with them in the New Year on important policies and initiatives that will move Maine forward and make our state an even better place to live and work.

Maine Senate:

Senate President:  Troy Jackson (D) – District 1

Senate Majority/Democratic Leader:  Nathan Libby (D) – District 21

Assistant Senate Democratic Leader:  Eloise Vitelli (D) – District 23

Senate Minority/Republican Leader:  Dana Dow (R) – District 13

Senate Assistant Republican Leader:  Jeffrey Timberlake (R) – District 22

Maine House of Representatives:

Speaker of the House:  Sarah Gideon (D) – District 48

House Majority/Democratic Leader:  Matthew Moonen (D) – District 38

Assistant House Democratic Leader:  Ryan Fecteau (D) – District 11

House Minority/Republican Leader:  Kathleen Dillingham (R) – District 72

House Assistant Republican Leader:  Harold Trey Stewart (R) – District 147