Is Your Credit Union’s Financial Fitness Fair Planning Underway?

With schools back in session for over a month, educators may be looking for resources and activities to further engage their students. Many have even inquired about the return of in-person Financial Fitness Fairs—our monthly budget simulation events that approximately 70,000 Maine students have participated in since 2004.

Given that it’s been two years since fairs were hosted in-person, some schools are wondering whether credit unions are offering the monthly budget simulation face-to-face. Your credit union may be wondering the same thing. The answer is yes! There already are a few fairs scheduled, with the fall fair season kicking off at Massabesic High School on October 26.

“The League is receiving a lot of questions about our credit unions’ capacities to host in-person Financial Fitness Fairs during the 2022/2023 school year,” said Jake Holmes, Financial Literacy Outreach Coordinator. “Even after two years, the positive impressions from our fairs are still being felt. Schools are excited about the prospect of our volunteers returning to their buildings to offer their students this unique experience.”

For years, in-person Financial Fitness Fairs were a pillar in our collective effort to educate Maine’s youth. Hosting these insightful events also helped credit unions foster and maintain relationships with their area schools. If your credit union or chapter has the capacity to host in-person fairs again, the League encourages you to reach out to your local school departments.

The Virtual Financial Fitness Fair continues to be a strong alternative to in-person fairs. Schools can access the virtual version here. For more information on the virtual version, schools should view the Virtual Financial Fitness Fair Welcome Packet.

If your credit union or chapter would like to return to in-person fairs, but is facing staffing issues or other concerns, please email Holmes for assistance at The League also can assist in reaching out to schools in your credit union or chapter’s area to help facilitate events.

Created by the Maine Credit Union League in 2004, Financial Fitness Fairs have received numerous awards and accolades from students, educators, and legislators. In 18 years, over 300 fairs that have taken place, with approximately 70,000 students participating.