Business of the Month Is a Success at Oxford FCU

At the beginning of April, Oxford FCU launched a new partnership program called Business of the Month. The initiative aims to boost local spending, create added value for the credit union’s business accounts, and offer exclusive deals for members. Hot Contents, a bakery and sandwich shop in Mexico, agreed to be the credit union’s first local company selected for the program.

“It was the perfect choice,” said Lisa Marston, Oxford FCU’s Marketing Director. “Kelly Barnett, the owner, was enthusiastic and open to working together. It was a pleasure to help promote her business.”

As a Business of the Month, Hot Contents created a special discount exclusively for Oxford FCU members. The discount was promoted through the credit union’s website, social media, online banking, gift certificate giveaways, and branch signage.

“Kelly provided free cookie samples for us to give to members when they came in, which was a great way to advertise her products,” shared Marston.

These efforts paid off! Hot Contents reported that the member discount was used 73 times during the month of April, with 277 items purchased.

“I believe it was a success,” said Barnett. “I think many small businesses will benefit from this program as long as they are willing to take ideas head-on and with an open mind. I’m thankful for the opportunity!”

Members who have business accounts with Oxford FCU are eligible to participate in the Business of the Month program.

“We are currently promoting our May business, Hoodwinked, an escape room in Mexico and have already received inquiries for June,” said Marston.