Are You a Member of the YPN?

Since its formation in 2015, the Maine Credit Unions’ Young Professionals Network (YPN) has provided value to YPs and their credit unions. For credit union staff and volunteers ages 21-to-40, the network connects young professionals with like-minded peers and encourages collaboration among them. With over 100 registered members, the YPN is an active network that encourages growth through training, networking events, volunteerism, and idea-sharing. If you aren’t a member and would like to join, now is a perfect time to get involved.

“Being a member of the YPN helps young credit union staff grow their social capital,” said Jake Holmes, League Financial Literacy Outreach Coordinator. “While members of the network certainly learn a lot through training and other educational opportunities, they often learn just as much from connecting with their peers. There is strength in numbers and the YPN is a collective wealth of knowledge.”

What Is the Mission of the YPN?

The YPN seeks to:

  • Connect young professionals with like-minded peers and encourage idea sharing and collaboration among them.
  • Engage young professionals with training, networking events, and other opportunities that provide resources and workable knowledge they can bring back to their credit unions.
  • Retain talent within the credit union movement. Young professionals have the ability to bring energy and new ideas to credit unions.

How Does the YPN Add Value to Maine’s CU Network?

Members have access to meetups coordinated around the state. These gatherings provide young professionals with an informal setting to network with like-minded young professionals, learn from guest speakers, and discuss credit union industry topics.

Through YPN email updates, LinkedIn, and other communication channels, members stay current on events and development opportunities available to young credit union professionals. Members also receive announcements and invites to attend some of the most important credit union conferences around the state.

Questions About YPN?

For more information on the Young Professionals Network, please email Jake Holmes, or call 207.773.5671, ext. 266. You also can learn more about the benefits of joining the YPN here.