Value, benefits, impact of Maine CUs shared by Congressional Delegation during D.C. visit

A group of nearly 25 Maine credit union representatives, representing nearly every region of the state, spent October 2-4 in Washington, D.C.  The trip included meetings with each member of the state’s Congressional Delegation, all of whom had “high praise and appreciation for the important role that credit unions have in the lives of nearly 700,000 Mainers.”

Todd Mason, President of the Maine Credit Union League, called the trip “reaffirming of the high regard our Congressional Delegation holds for the work of Maine’s credit unions on behalf of serving their members and communities.”  Mason said it was gratifying to hear each member of the Delegation talk of “the strength of Maine’s credit unions and how strongly they support what credit unions do and mean to Maine consumers.”

Senator Susan Collins reiterated that she is a “very satisified credit union member.  I am also proud to work with Maine’s credit unions on many important issues including providing access to credit for small businesses in our state, and on protecting Maine’s seniors from elder financial abuse.  Maine’s credit unions have been an important partner in helping our efforts to expand the Senior$afe program nationwide.”

Senator Angus King noted, “Working with Maine credit unions to make our state a better place and stronger economically is something I enjoy doing and look forward to continuing to support these efforts in any way I can.  Maine’s credit unions are an important part of providing credit in communities across Maine.”

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree told the group, “I know what credit unions mean to our communities and to Maine people.  That’s why I have been with you on every important piece of legislation since I’ve been in Congress.  What you do is crucial to helping better people’s lives, and I get it.”

Congressman Bruce Poliquin echoed many of the previous comments.  “The number of members you have in Maine is amazing.  I’m a proud credit union member, and I want to continue to work on your behalf to improve the environment for you to operate.”

Mason said the level of engagement and involvement of Maine credit unions in these types of trips is “highlights the importance of political involvement among Maine credit unions.  This is the second largest Hike we have ever had, which tells me that our credit unions understand how crucial it is to participate in these types of events and activities.  It’s really nice to see such a strong presence take the time to come to Washington, D.C.”