Volunteer to Serve on a League Committee

Each year, the League invites credit union officials and staff to serve on one of our nine committees:

  • Audit & Finance – Christine Devine, Chair
  • Awards & Convention – Julie Marquis, Chair
  • Chapter – John Doe, Chair
  • Compliance – Basil Closson, Chair
  • Education – Kim Turner, Chair
  • Governmental Affairs – Tucker Cole, Chair
  • Statewide Awareness – David Desjardins, Chair
  • Social Responsibility – Luke Labbe, Chair
  • Technology Services – Jason Lindstrom, Chair

Before signing up for a committee, credit union staff should discuss volunteering with their manager and/or credit union CEO. Please click here for a full description of each committee. To sign up for a committee, please use this link. Our online survey form must be completed by July 16.

We ask that you only volunteer to serve on one committee unless you would like to serve on the Technology Services Committee. In addition, chapter officers may sign up for the Chapter Committee and one other committee if desired. For these exceptions, please complete the survey twice to sign up.

Lastly, the League requests that just one person per credit union volunteer for a committee. Although, a committee chair and a committee member may represent the same credit union. If you plan to volunteer for the same committee that you most recently served on, you must still complete the survey.