The Future of Chapters Was the Focus of This Week’s Chapter Leaders Planning Session

Thirty individuals representing the League board and chapter officers gathered on Monday in Augusta to share ideas to ensure the continued success of chapters. Participants discussed establishing a mission and vision for each of their chapters, identifying the key products they provide to their credit unions, how to increase engagement, and how to ensure the long term viability of chapters. One participant commented, “We are gaining momentum and want to make sure it continues.”

Additional resources will be provided by the League to assist chapters with communication to their credit unions, publicizing their events, selecting speakers to increase attendance, and much more. League President/CEO Todd mason said, “We walked away with the foundation for a common purpose and goals that all chapters can share and rally around, while having the understanding that how they are carried out can be as unique as the credit unions in them and their region.”

League Executive Vice President Cheryl Lancaster added that “collaboration and cooperation among credit unions is a key part of the credit union difference, and that starts at the local chapter level.  Our meeting this week showed that there is a deep desire to foster that cooperation through the chapters with League support to help drive meaningful engagement between management, volunteers, and staff, including developing our young professionals and next leaders.”