Take a Chance to See the Patriots

We are just a few weeks away from drawing the winning Take a Chance raffle ticket and someone from your credit union could see the New England Patriots play live in Foxboro!

Our League is thrilled by the enthusiasm this fundraiser to benefit the Campaign for Ending Hunger has generated and would like to thank everyone who has been working hard to sell tickets.

If your credit union is participating in this fundraiser, please remember that sold tickets must be in-hand to the League by Friday, October 4, along with a check for sold tickets made out to Take a Chance to End Hunger in Maine. The tickets and check can be mailed to Jen Burke’s attention at:

Maine Credit Union League
PO Box 1236
Portland, ME 04104

The winner will be drawn on October 11, and your credit union will be notified by phone if you sold the winning ticket.

The Patriots are off to a great start this season, so don’t miss your chance to see them in action next month.