New Fundraising Feature Rolled-Out in Time for the $100,000 Challenge

On Tuesday, Maine credit unions officially kicked off our 30-day Campaign for Ending Hunger $100,000 Challenge. Last year’s Challenge brought in over $230,000 and we are hoping this year we can match or beat what we raised in 2020.

To help with fundraising for the Challenge and beyond, the League has added a new feature to the Campaign for Ending Hunger website: recurring donations. With the simple check of a box, Campaign contributors can have their donations recur automatically on a monthly basis, allowing contributors to spread the financial impact of their donations across the entire year. For those credit union employees participating in payroll deduction plans, they should continue to do so, but where that is not an option, they now can make recurring donations using the website.

To add the recurring donation feature to your credit union’s Campaign for Ending Hunger fundraising page, please email Tim Brooks or Jen Burke. Please also reach to Tim and Jen if you need support with any Challenge activities you have planned. We recognize the Challenge is a significant fundraising initiative, but by working together, we are bound to reach our goal and make a significant difference!