Message From Todd Mason: Maine Credit Unions Lead the Way

Maine credit unions are resilient and strong. We have proven that in the past. We will continue to prove that in the future. It is in our nature. When your motivation is mission, nothing gets in your way. 

Looking to 2022, a primary focus is enhancing the way we collaborate. Two years ago when we were faced with the problem of how to work together as an industry even though we couldn’t be physically around one another, we reacted without losing a beat. As a result, we’ve learned a great deal about operating in in-person, remote, and hybrid environments. It is now time to put what we’ve learned to work. 

Under the rally cry “Maine Credit Unions Lead the Way,” we will leverage the full array of ways we can engage with each other, government officials, and members we serve. We also will look for more synergies between our various initiatives. By doing so we will expand our reach, improve access, and amplify the collective impact we make.  

For example, we are evolving how we think about ending hunger from a campaign to raise much needed money to also include how we address it as an outcome. This year we will begin taking financial education into food banks to unite two of our causes, which will help drive better outcomes among at-risk communities. We also will continue to use technology to expand our reach and presence into these communities and with others working to end hunger in the state. 

This same approach will be taken with advocacy—in-person and remote—with a heavy emphasis on cybersecurity, fraud, and modernization of regulation to improve your ability to deliver digital services. 

Your members are your most important priority, and you are ours. Just as you will use nearly any available channel to serve your members, the League and Synergent will do the same with you. Using the learnings of the past to inform what we will do in the future, together, we have done and will continue to do great things for your members, you, and the state of Maine.