Inmates at Windham Correctional Facility Receive Financial Education

Volunteers pose for a picture at the York County Chapter of Credit Unions’ Financial Fitness Fair at the Windham Correctional Facility.

On October 25, the York County Chapter of Credit Unions hosted a Financial Fitness Fair at the Maine Correctional Facility in Windham. The chapter has hosted nine fairs at the facility since 2014.

“This was my first time participating at the correctional facility fair,” said Jen Burke, League Public Affairs and Communications Manager. “I was impressed by the types of questions I was asked by the participants, as well as their level of engagement. PeoplesChoice’s Brenda Piecuch does an amazing job coordinating this effort for the chapter.”

Approximately 80 inmates participated and met with representatives from the chapter, Synergent, and the League.

“Learning how to manage a budget can be intimidating, but the chapter made this event informative and fun for everyone involved,” said Burke.