Financial Education From the Comforts of Home

Maine credit unions are deeply committed to educating people of all ages and backgrounds about financial literacy. But what happens when holding a traditional Financial Fitness Fair isn’t possible?

Thanks to technology, credit unions can provide members access to financial education from the comforts of their home through a unique online experience. Unlocking this money management simulation is simple: share the link ( and provide your credit union’s code.

“The online program is designed to look and feel just like the live version of our popular fairs,” said Jake Holmes, League Financial Literacy Outreach Coordinator. “It’s been very successful. We’ve had approximately 2,000 people participate in our online experience since we launched the tool in 2016.”

Once online, participants are given a career and monthly income and are required to visit virtual booths representing various expenses that the average adult is faced with each month. Just like with the live experience, the participant’s goal is to create a monthly budget that does not exceed their monthly income.

“I encourage our credit unions to promote this online tool,” said Holmes. “The virtual fair is a great way to provide more Mainers with the budgeting skills they need to become financially secure.”

For questions about the online Financial Fitness Fair or to request your credit union’s unique sign-in code, contact Jake Holmes.