CUNA Systems Experience a Cyber Incident

Earlier this week, CUNA’s network experienced a temporary business outage. On Wednesday, Jim Nussle, CUNA’s President & CEO, issued a statement concerning the incident. In his letter, to credit unions he reminded them about the frequency of cyber attacks within the financial services industry and indicated that no personal data was compromised. The full text of Nussle’s letter is listed below.

Dear trusted credit union member,

CUNA became aware of a cyber incident earlier this week that caused an outage affecting some of our IT systems. Once we discovered the incident, we immediately initiated an investigation with the assistance of third-party experts and have been working around the clock since then to restore affected systems.

The good news is that we’ve made significant progress and continue to get more systems up and running every day. We understand how frustrating this may be for you and your colleagues, as some of you have had difficulty using our digital services. We’re working diligently to have everything back online soon.

As a membership organization, we’re committed to always doing what’s in the best interest of your credit union. Our staff has been working around the clock to make sure all of your needs have been assessed, and we’re continuing to dedicate resources to make sure your needs are met.

Let me be clear – what CUNA experienced is a business disruption issue. CUNA does not store Social Security numbers or credit card numbers of our members and based on our investigation to date, we do not have evidence that there has been any unauthorized access to any data in our system – such as names, business addresses and email addresses. Unfortunately, these types of incidents are common across industries. CUNA is in close contact with the FBI and fully cooperating with their investigation of the matter.  There’s been media coverage on this incident, but we’ll continue to keep you updated about happenings and events daily through

We have been in frequent communication with the CUNA Board of Directors and our League partners to ensure they’re in the know as we’ve been working through this matter.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

If you’re having trouble accessing what you need on, please email

Thank you for your membership and for all you do to advance the credit union movement.

All the best,

Jim Nussle
President & CEO
Credit Union National Association