CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Announces New Executive Committee Members

Pictured Left to Right: Lesli Bishop, Michelle Shelton, Brian Grytdal, Madeline Anderson-Balmer, Jason Lindstrom, Mia Perez, Lynn Heider, Tina Morrill, Amy McGraw, and Royce Ngiam.

(From CUNA News) – New officers Jason Lindstrom, Brian Grytdal and Michelle Shelton have been elected within the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Executive Committee, following this year’s Marketing & Business Development Council Conference.

Lindstrom has been elected as the new Chair, Grytdal as the new Vice Chair and Shelton as the 2nd Vice Chair. In addition, Tina Morrill from Bangor FCU and Lesli Bishop were newly elected to the Executive Committee.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to oversee some of the great initiatives of this council,” says Jason Lindstrom, Chair of the Marketing & Business Development Council Executive Committee and President/CEO at Evergreen CU. “Knowing that we’re working together to ensure that marketing and business development professionals are getting the most out of their memberships is incredibly rewarding.”

After completing two full terms on the Marketing & Business Development Executive Committee, Amber Scott will be stepping down. Mia Perez is stepping down from her Chair role after completing her term and will remain on the Executive Committee for her final year.

The Marketing & Business Development Executive Committee now consists of: Jason Lindstrom, Brian Grytdal, Michelle Shelton, Madeline Anderson-Balmer, Lesli Bishop, Paris Chevalier, Lynn Heider, Amy McGraw, Tina Morrill, Royce Ngiam, and Mia Perez.