Celebrating International Credit Union Day – A Message From Todd Mason

As we approach International Credit Union (ICU) Day next week, I want to pause and say thank you to the thousands of dedicated and caring employees that make up Maine’s credit union network. Because of your tireless dedication to your members and your efforts to enhance their financial lives, our movement is thriving in Maine and around the globe.

I recognize the last 20 months have been challenging. Not only did you have to adjust to the realities of a global pandemic in your personal life, you had to adhere to new policies and procedures at your credit union, all while maintaining close connections with your members. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Credit unions across Maine have been uplifting their communities for years, but throughout COVID, you have been moving mountains, and our state is a better place because of it.

I can’t think of a more appropriate theme for this year’s ICU Day than Building Financial Health for a Brighter Tomorrow because that’s what Maine credit unions and their employees do every day. Your work matters, and it will continue to matter through the positive outcomes you will generate for years to come.

It is truly my honor to lead this industry in Maine and support the meaningful work you do at your credit unions. Join me in celebrating your contributions today, and applaud your credit union colleagues in Maine, across the country, and internationally for their commitment to People Helping People. Collectively we are building a prosperous financial future for our current members and for the next generation.