Webinars - Live

Deposit Account Series: Banking Cannabis Businesses: Hemp, CBD, THC & More

02/18/2020 | 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm ET
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Webinars - Live
Cost: $200.00
Contact: Susan Erlandson at serlandson@mainecul.org

More than 30 states have legalized some form of cannabis, whether hemp, marijuana, or CBD. Companies that are directly and indirectly involved in the cannabis business continue to seek viable financial services and relationships. However, many struggle to gain consistent access to financial institutions due to a lack of guidance on accepting and monitoring such relationships. At the same time, financial institutions are eager to get consistent regulatory guidance, so they can provide the services requested. This webinar will focus on how financial institutions are currently accepting deposits, lending money, and providing other financial services to cannabis businesses and their service providers – despite the lack of guidance or comprehensive comfort under federal law.

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